Gary Barlow Meerkat Coronation Street party video

The X Factor judge was recently invited to the cobbled road in Coronation Street for a new party with the Compare the Meerkats stars.

After Gary Barlow was invited he actually turned up to sing his new song Let Me Go without his band, they did not turn up so the Meerkats helped him.

Take That star helped the Compare the Market meerkats celebrate the cobbles of Coronation Street to mark their one year anniversary since the meerkats began sponsoring the show. Aleksandr Orlov and his furry friends help Gary Barlow by singing with him; this will be a massive hit.

Aleksandr said: “To celebrate big anniversary, I decide to throw big street party. I call new best friend Mr Gary Barlow and after promise to stop follow him, he agree to perform. The furry meerkat also said that Mr Barlow have potential to be big star.

The first video below is of the meerkat asking Gary Barlow to come to the street party, and the second video is of Gary Barlow on the cobbled Coronation Street singing his Let Me Go track.

What do you think of the new Gary Barlow Meerkat Street party?

Gary Barlow Meerkat Coronation Street party video