Facebook friends vs real life friends video

So many people have become friends with people on Facebook, even those that they have never met. Have you ever thought for one minute about meeting these on your Facebook list? Guess the answer was no, because it would be too stupid to even think about meeting them.

We have all done it, accepting friends with people on the social network we do not really know. Comedian Greg Benson decided it was about time he met some of his Facebook friends, and this is where the video below titled “REAL LIFE FACEBOOK’ comes into play.

Facebook friend’s vs real life friends’ are totally different, or are they?

Comedian Benson decided it was time to meet some of his Facebook friends that he has never met before, he wanted to see how they would respond when he went up to their front door of their houses. He was going to start a new reality show, but this never took off. So he decided to release some footage onto YouTube just to show how people reacted when he turned up at their houses unannounced.

In the video shown below he meets one man and plays Lego with him, has a drink and talks about a few other things. He then meets up with another man who is his Facebook friend; Benson sees the man at the gate and the surprised man would not let him enter and shuts the gate on him.

The first man stayed a Facebook friend, but the second man was unfriended for refusing to chat with Benson. He then meets up with a woman at a castle, watch the full ‘Real Life Facebook’ video below.

What would you do if a Facebook friend you have never met turned up at your door?

Facebook friends vs real life friends video