Anniversary cheat prank backfires, video hits over 30m

Roman Atwood is a man on a mission to prank people, and this time round he decides to prank his own girlfriend.

The video is called ‘Anniversary Prank Backfires’ shown below, and so far it has had a massive 30,919,832 views in 5 days.

Pranking your own girlfriend can sometimes be very bad indeed, and Roman Atwood decided to celebrate his 5th anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend by telling his partner Britney on the day of their anniversary he has been cheating on her.

The jokester placed a camera in his/her hotel room in Aruba, which is where they were celebrating their anniversary. Atwood then tells her that when he was in LA he met this girl; he told his girlfriend that it was only one night baby. Britney then covers her face and starts to cry.

Atwood keeps a straight face and plays the prank very well indeed making it believable, but then Britney tells him she has a secret too and this is where it gets very funny indeed that backfires on Atwood. Please watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Have you ever pranked your partner, if so what did you do?

Anniversary cheat prank backfires, video hits over 30m