2013 Facebook Schoolies fails in massive debate

The new 2013 Schoolies fails started on November 17 and has already gained a massive following of 139k, and under the about page it just says ‘Australia’s loosest schoolies’, this is basically where photos of schoolies post lewd pictures online.

Police are already warning the schoolies that the naughty photos being posted on the Facebook page of their drug-fuelled and alcohol related no good will haunt them at some point in their lives.

It is not only Facebook that are seeing these schoolies photos, they are appearing on Instagram and even schoolies Tumblr seems very popular. The Facebook 2013 Schoolies fails page is raking in somewhere around 5000 likes an hour.

The page shows teenagers passed out on the floor, some are covered in sick and a few are of topless girls and lewd acts. According to Courier Mail last week arrests have fallen this year but police are somewhat bewildered idiotic behaviour that has already shown up this year.

Please visit the Facebook 2013 Schoolies Fail page here and let us know what you think; do you think that it is all harmless fun?

Some say that they are kids having fun and if it does not harm anyone then it is good. Until, it harms someone why can’t they just have a little bit of fun.

2013 Facebook Schoolies fails in massive debate