Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean dead is sick Facebook hoax

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson died recently according to a Facebook page, the Internet went crazy and the social media sites went into overdrive.

The Rowan Atkinson death is just a hoax and the Englishman is alive and kicking, and people should not believe everything the social networks say.

This is just another celebrity death hoax that joins the likes of Chris Brown, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan and so many more. The 58-year-old actor apparently committed suicide because the producer decided he was not going to star in the Johnny English 3 movie.

The stupid Facebook page to commemorate his life was set-up by an anonymous user, and many fans of the actor left messages of condolences and sympathy to his family.

The Facebook page invited users to download some suicide video message, which was apparently recording by the actor, but when they did what they actually got was a computer virus.

Rowan Atkinson is alive and kicking and the public should really stop listening to the fake death hoaxes, the Rowan Atkinson suicide is not funny at all and to say someone is dead is sick in itself. If you have a message for Rowan please use the commenting area below.

Source – Online Threat Alerts

Rowan Atkinson Mr Bean dead is sick Facebook hoax