Pinterest place pins with maps, problems for some

Pinterest place pins is a new update that looks great, when we opened our Pinterest earlier today we saw a new message saying that you can now add a beautiful, interactive map to any of your boards. Or, create new boards for all your favorite and must-see places.

Pinterest have launched the new place pins, which basically features and interactive map (Screenshot above), these will offer users places interest that users can display on maps.

Say for example we add a new pin on our board, just open that board and once there you will see the new map on the right hand side with all your pins under that board. On each pin it will now say, “Map this Pin” and next to that you will see a ‘+’ symbol, just click this to open the options.

Once you have done the above it will ask you “What is this place called”, just enter the area and job done. There does seem to be a problem when trying to find somewhere on the map – for example, one of our pins was to do with Illinois, so we typed this in and it said “Sorry, we couldn’t find any matching places.” Which is a little strange because the last time we looked Illinois exists.

The new Pinterest place pins is not really good for all users, we write about online social media and in some cases we do not need to put it on the map. It is very good if you went on holiday, or went to an event or place of interest.

Pinterest said that users have already created 1.5 million destinations each day for a total of about 750 million. It is good for keeping track of the places you want to go etc. For more information please visit the Pinterest official blog here.

Please let us know if Pinterest Place Pins is working ok for you, or are you having problems?

New Pinterest place pins with interactive maps

  • Annika Laurea-Wood

    I cannot use my board now. All I have is a greyed out screen with the
    boards beneath and a popup that says interactive map blah blah… “You
    can Edit any board to add an interactive map or allow other people to
    Pin to your board.” It only give me the options of “see examples”
    or “got it”…neither one allows me to either opt out or use my boards
    or feed…I’m so mad about this.You cannot remove the grey over layer to scroll or click on anything.

    • Bernie

      I am having the same problem since morning. No matter what I do I have the grayish screen and can’t access my boards.


    • Emily

      I had the same problem ^^ in Firefox but not in Safari. In Safari however when I tried to add locations to my pins it said “Sorry, we couldn’t find any matching places.”

  • Simon

    Go to your boards like this – and under each board you will see ‘Edit” – Say I click edit under the Twitter board it will give me the option to turn on/off ‘Add a map”. It is as simple as that.

  • DRC

    I find the place pins very glitchy. Trying to put together a board for next year’s vacation plans and it tells me it can’t find a match for Jamison Distillery or Grafton Street in Dublin. Uploads duplicate pins or pins the previous picture over again–when I try to delete it, BOTH pins get deleted. Some place pins even just randomly disappeared This has really been no more than an exercise in frustration for me. I think I’m going to wait a few months to try again, they clearly haven’t worked out the bugs.

  • lavenderblue

    Somehow the map feature has made it totally impossible for me to use Pinterest. I can view the main board and randomly pin from websites but when I try to get to my own boards (eg. to access pinned recipe or create a new board) the exciting news that they have this map feature appear on the bottom half of the page and will not allow me to scroll, select my board or do anything at all except swear and pound my key board in frustration.

    I would complain but before I can “facebook” needs to know everything about me and one of the reasons I want to get on my boards page is to see if I can get the facebook connection off there.

  • lavenderblue

    So read the comments below and see I am not the only one with this problem. Tried Simon’s suggestion and, nope, will not let you get to the edit feature even that way. And I had already turned the map feature off on the main page when they had asked. Hope they see this ’cause I have no way of notifying them. And by “notifying” I really mean cyber-yelling.