Daniel Radcliffe vs social media: Celebrity exposure

Some may say that Daniel Radcliffe is a very mature man and right in every way when he refuses to use Facebook or Twitter, so now lets look at the Daniel Radcliffe vs social media and celebrity exposure avoidance.

Harry Potter star was in an interview with Sky News and he explains that he does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, he said that if you wish to stay out from the limelight then not having social media sites makes it a lot easier on yourself.

The actor also mentioned in the interview that he does no go to premieres if he is not starring in the movie, he does not turn up to any event as that would fuel a lot of interest and this will not help you.

To be fair Radcliffe makes perfect sense, many celebrities are always moaning about being in the limelight and that they want some privacy, it that was the case why do most of them tweet what they are doing at that given moment?

Radcliffe is not a fan of social media and we know most celebs are active Twitter users, they love to let fans know their every move, and this is not going to get you out of the limelight. Daniel Radcliffe is working on his second series of A Young Doctor’s Notebook.

Do you agree with Daniel Radcliffe avoided social media like Twitter and Facebook?

Daniel Radcliffe vs social media- Celebrity exposure

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