Matt Barnes Twitter apology after Ibaka fight

Millions have seen Matt Barnes Twitter apologies after the Serge Ibaka fight, and just in case you have missed them we have the tweets for your view pleasure below.

Matt Barnes is the well-known sports figure for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association, he is very outspoken and his Tweets normally show this. He recently unleashed many rants on Twitter about his teammates, but afterwards apologized a lot on the social networking channel.

NBA player Matt Barnes Ibaka altercation was caught on video, which you can watch below. This left both Clippers forward Matt Barnes and Thunder forward Serge Ibaka being ejected for their altercation during the L.A 111-103 victory at the Staples Center on Wednesday last week.

The Matt Barnes Twitter rant all started after he got ejected, but if you visit his Twitter now these have been removed for apology tweets shown below.

It was Matt that pushed Serge Ibaka, but this did not stop Barnes using Twitter to tweet about his teammates and dropping a racial slur in there. He did say “I love my teammates like family, but I’m DONE standing up for these ——! All this s**t does is cost me money.” In the end Matt got fined $25,000 for the altercation.

What are your views on the Matt Barnes and Serge Ibaka altercation?

Matt Barnes Twitter apology after Ibaka Fight