LinkedIn Showcase Pages intro for following brands, products

This is the LinkedIn intro to the new ‘Showcase Pages’ and the reason why the professional social network decided to launch the new feature.

The new LinkedIn Showcase Pages will help brands and businesses develop more, it will allow them to increase more targeted content and marketing strategies on the social networking site.

They are trialling this new service with the likes of HP, Adobe and Microsoft, these are big brands and allows them to create dedicated pages for their idol brands, initiatives and of course businesses. LinkedIn Showcase Pages also allows members the ability to be more interactive with brands and the close elements of a business.

Showcase Pages are now available worldwide to all companies; users do need a Company Page on LinkedIn. Users can follow Showcase Pages in the same way they do with Company Pages.

Josh Graff, head of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, EMEA, said. “There are more than three million companies leveraging their Company Page to promote content and build relationships with members, and Showcase Pages will allow them to enhance that experience even further by strategically dividing their content to become even more relevant for their audiences.”

Creating priceless content starts by accepting what content your audience is interested in and already watching, and then filling in the gaps. Read more about this over on the LinkedIn blog.

What do you think about the new LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

LinkedIn Showcase Pages intro for following brands, products