From iGoogle to Google Now desktop replacement

Google scraps iGoogle and then decides to release Google Now for mobile platforms, so how about answering this question then Google – Any chance Google Now will be available for Desktop PC?

We believe this will happen within time, something better will be coming. The “enable-google-now” option in chrome://flags is there and this is surely an indication.

The new Chrome tab page will be Google Now plus full integration with chrome history and notifications like they appear with that flag option, this has been mentioned online a few times now, so we decided to point this out. Some believe that the new tab is wasted potential.

It is silly to release Google Now on mobile platforms when they lay iGoogle to rest and not release a desktop version, Firstpost have reported that Google Now will be coming to browsers soon, which means it will be going from Android and iOS to desktop in due course.

We never did understand why iGoogle was shutdown, Google did say because it was not being used as much. So does this mean Google Now will be the revamped version of iGoogle on desktops? Sounds really exiting.

Google Now features: Notifications, Reminders, Handsfree voice, New cards, Google will remember things for you, basically gives you all you want all in one place – oh yes just like iGoogle, where the logic.

Would you like Google Now desktop to replace the lost iGoogle?

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From iGoogle to Google Now desktop version