Free English, Hindi online movie streaming with Worldfloat

Worldfloat is a familiar social networking site that is now offering its users free English, Hindi online movie streaming service.

The site is offering over 25,000 English and Hindi movies and is moving ahead to provide films in other languages. The new Worldfloat movie feature is apparently the now largest free movie provider for both English and Hindi languages.

If you visit this Worldfloat page here you will see so many movies, there are 25,000 movies with 18,000 in English and 7,000 Hindi. It covers many genres such as family, romance, horror, drama, classic, comedy and action.

If you click on say the ‘Idiot Box (2010) – Hindi, Drama’ this will open a separate page with many videos as well as the full movie.

Worldfloat is a social network with over 40 million users; they offer free movies, a search engine and a news service.

Are you going to watch the free online movies on Worldfloat?

Free English, Hindi online movie streaming with Wordfloat