Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso in epic rap battle video

Today is rap day and not any old rapping sing-off, it’s the latest ‘Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3’ and the video we have for you below is a battle between two very well known artists – welcome to the Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso battle.

The Bob Ross Vs Pablo Picasso lyrics are amazing and Picasso kicks of the epic rap battle with I am the greatest, the modern art Muhammad Ali. I melt faces, call me MC Daliy, our whole body of work is a fluffy mountain of crap; you’re the PBS version of Nickelback. But I think you must be a genius cause with zero trainin. You made millions teaching people how to suck at painting. Why don’t you go back home and beat your brush, you chump! I can make better art with my wiener Lump!

Then painter Bob Ross comes back with – I’m so glad you could join me today. So I could teach you how to feel some joy when you paint. You’re moody little genius, always so serious. I know you must be on your Blue Period. Your work is melancholic; I’m painting happy little trees. Call me Jackson Pollock, because I splatter MCs, with the voice that soothes, so let’s do this. I twist you up like you’re a Rubik’s Cubist. – The full lyrics are shown in the video.

The video below has gained 3,300,462 views since November 18th, which is viral in our minds. Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD) and Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) are the ones that created the video shown below.

Who is the rapping winner, Bob Ross or Pablo Picasso?

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso in epic rap battle video