Sports Stream and Facebook combine for live events

SportStream is one of the latest media firms to get access to the new public feed API (Application-Programming Interface).

The Facebook API will offer real-time sports trends via the new analytics product; SportsStream will be able to get access to the Facebook API to gather keyword insights.

In simple terms this means that media SportsStream will be able to access APIs for data, so that they can broadcast real-time information during broadcasts of sporting events. The plan is to get this all up and running by the end of 2013.

SportStream will be able to use the Facebook APIs to provide broadcast partners with real-time trending information; these can include top players, popular games and teams etc. If Facebook users are talking about games, teams etc they can be filtered by terms, age, gender and so forth.

Facebook’s public feed API displays a real-time feed of public posts for a specific word, this could be really good for the sports base, keyword insights API works out how many posts are mentioned on a specific term during any one period. For more information please visit the SportsStream Blog.

Can SportStream enhance broadcasts of sporting events? Try out the SportsStream apps via the App Store and by opening here.

Sports Stream and Facebook combine for live events