Police Minivan shootout video questions brutality

Vehicles get pulled over all the time all over the world for whatever reason, but one traffic stop that looks to be a simple one turns out to be a very crazy scene and what some may put under the ‘Brutality’ category.

A woman named Oriana Ferrell from Memphis, Tennessee was pulled over for speeding at 71 mph in a 55 mph zone; this is when it all started to go wrong. The video below is at the viewers discretion, one officer asks the woman to turn the engine off, after he asked this he walked back to the police car, she started to drive away and he then gave chase.

The woman driver of the minivan had five of her children in the car from the ages of 6 to 18, the woman gets pulled over again after the chase and the police officers shouts at the woman to get out of the vehicle, in the end the officer reaches in the get her out.

The kids in the car told the officers to leave their mom alone, one of the children aged 14 exits the minivan and he walks up to the officer, but then the officer draws his taser.

In the end one officer opens fire on the minivan when it tries to speed off again with the children inside, this happened after another officer smashes the window with his baton.

Read the full news story on this over on ABC News, watch the video below and let us know if the police officers were right or wrong for shooting at the van?

Police Minivan shootout video questions brutality