Parents exposing kids with Facebook profiles

So many children are setting up online social accounts even though they are under age; there is no real way for the likes of Facebook to determine if the kids are in fact of age to have an account.

We all know that parents love their children, but giving them cuddles and all the love in the world does not stop them being exposed to cyber bullying. Parents according to a new poll are exposing kids by setting them up with Facebook profiles before they are old enough to have one.

A poll that was conducted by online security firm McAfee and charity’s Anti-Bullying Alliance apparently showed that 45%) of parents with pre-teen children have set up a Facebook account for the children on their behalf.

To join Facebook you have to be 13 or older, and we all know that there are millions of kids under this age, even they have set-up their FB account or their parents have done it for them.

The poll also found that kids spend at least six hours a day online, we can actually agree with this if not longer. In my household every time I look around our 21 year old is always on a device of some sort looking at Facebook, it’s not actually a social network anymore its become an entity where if you do not get your daily fix some get angry, we have seen this also.

Many children are allowed on the net without supervision, the report says that one in 10 parents believes that their children are safe online, a third admit to not having had any conversation with their children about internet safety. Forty five percent of parents are concerned about their child possibly being bullied online, a third of parents believe their child may be a cyber-bully themselves.

It is much easier to go online and type a few hateful words rather than to someones face, it happens all the time where kids get messages saying they are not liked, you are not invited to the party, the list is endless and parents need to be made aware that cyber-bullying happens. Facebook has an age restriction for a reason.

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Parents exposing kids with Facebook profiles