Sony PS4 problems shared on YouTube, Twitter

The Sony PS4 problems are surfacing at the moment, there are issues with blinking blue light, faulty HDMI connections, as well as a few others. We have seen many YouTube PS4 review videos uploaded as well as many tweets on Twitter.

Kotaku had problems with their first Sony PlayStation 4, and their issue was down to the HDMI port on the rear of the new console. They have two units side-by-side and one works and the other doesn’t so please do watch below for the full Sony PS4 review.

Sony knows of the ‘blinking blue light’ problem because they have issued a troubleshooting guide on how to fix the issue. We have added a few other videos for you to watch, please do let us know if you are experiencing any of the issues you see in the videos below.

The blinking blue light issue on the PlayStation 4 have been addressed on YouTube and Twitter, when the blue light shows some say that the console goes no further than that. There seems to be problems with no video/audio output to television and console powering off after blinking blue.

One Twitter users said in a tweet “Anyone else having Create PSN account problems? Keep getting Error.” Are you having PSN PS4 issues?

Please read a few of the PS4 problems via the tweets below, you can also visit Twitter using these hastags – #bluelightofdeath / #PS4 / #PS4 issues /

Are you having any Sony PS4 problems?

Sony PS4 problems shared on YouTube, Twitter