Gmail Social, Promotions tabs are easy to remove

When you go into your Gmail login and your email page opens up you will see the new Social and Promotions tabs at the top. Well, we say new but they were actually released early this summer.

Google seem to be changing a whole lot of late, they have added Google+ comments to YouTube, then they changed the Gmail login design, and they have also added the Social and Promotions tabs to Gmail as well.

When you click any of these new tabs they open just like the normal inbox email messages, but say you click on the ‘Promotions’ tab and click on a star next to a message, they will then be saved to your Promotions Inbox. They also get saved to your ‘Primary’ tab and look like a normal email.

Going back to the starring an ad, if you do click the star next to a promotions ad, it will show up twice in your ‘Promotions’ Tab, one will be the normal (Original Ad) and the second one will be as a standard email message without the ad label.

I actually switch my Promotions and Social tabs off, the Primary inbox is the most important for me.

If you do want the Promotions tab showing and wish to remove a certain advertiser, all you need to do is open the ad and then at the top under the title of the email ad you will see a little arrow pointing downwards, just click this and then click ‘Unsubscribe from this sender’ and this will open a pop up box and you just go from there.

Gmail Social, Promotions tabs are easy to remove turn off

If you do not want the tabs showing just click on the ‘+’ symbol (Shown Above) and untick the ones you do not want showing, to turn the tabs back on you want to see just go into settings and then click on Inbox, you will see the boxes with Primary, Social, Promotions etc, just tick the ones you want to show when you open your Gmail.

Do you like the Gmail Social and Promotions tabs?

Gmail Social, Promotions tabs are easy to remove