Twitter trolls lead to unfollow vs filters

Twitter is a wonderful social network to be but sometimes the Twitter trolls come out to play and ruin things.

Twitter trolls are those that cause upsets by starting arguments and blatantly upsetting people. They could also just tweet about the same stuff all the time like football or moaning about a topic, something that you are not really interested in.

Do Twitter Trolls get you down?

This is where we say ‘unfollow vs. filters’, there are two ways to eradicate the trolls you have grown to dislike, you can either unfollow them on Twitter or uses app filters.

You can unfollow certain people but then they would notice this, and they will end up following you with another name and hassle you all over again. If you unfollow people you have basically put your head on a block because you have silenced the troll.

The other option is to use filters and create lists, this will help keep the trolls out of your Twitter feed. You could use the desktop version of Tweetdeck, all you need to do is go through the set-up process and then login > Then access your settings by clicking on the cog icon > select Filters. You can filter by users, phrases, keywords and sources > Under Users enter the username of the person you want to block > once this has been done just his the SAVE button.

Recent trolls got on JPMorgan Chase & Co back, so much so they cancelled a question and answer session on Twitter with a veteran investment banker, and this was because they got highly insulted on Twitter.

Jonathan Martin of Miami Dolphins was at the brunt of racism by team player Richie Incognito, but this left loads of Twitter users leaving tweets on the wrong Jonathan Martin Twitter account, poor national political correspondent for the New York Times has the same name of Jonathan Martin and received tweets such as “@jmartNYT handle your business like a grown ass man not a 5 year old #TMLT”

So, if you have Twitter trolls tweeting you what do you do – unfollow or filter?

Twitter trolls lead to unfollow vs filters