Google Plus YouTube comments: simplicity vs confusion

The YouTube comments are a good thing if you already have a Google Plus, but for those that do not have an account are not happy at all about the new change.

We say it is ok but then we do not post comments all day on YouTube, but for those that do it is causing a lot of concern and thousands are very angry indeed.

Even YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim is angry and removed all his videos, he has left his very first video he uploaded to YouTube though. We are not going to go in-depth about the issue because it is simple really, why did YouTube implement Google Plus comments?

Some are saying that they should change the YouTube comment section back to its original form. So many people are protesting about Google’s changes in how users comment on YouTube videos, so much so the online petition form is growing very fast indeed.

If you visit now you will see that it now has 133,596 supporters/signatures with 16,404 needed, users are not happy that you have to sign up to a Google Plus account to comment on YouTube.

I said the other day that maybe users are not happy because ‘nobody likes change’ and this did not sit well with one reader, they commented saying, “So, let me get this straight. You manage to reduce the fact that 91,453 people thinking that Google’s comment system is so severely broken that they, at a demonstrable risk of being removed from the system they care about so much they bothered to invest the time, signed an online petition; to… well! – You’re trivializing an awful lot of people’s opinions. I think you owe 91,453 people an apology.”

Maybe I should not have said that, it would have probably been better if I said I do not like change rather than overlook 100,000 angry users views – So I do apologise.

A few YouTube users sign the petition as well as leaving comments on how they felt about the implemented G+ comments; one user said that they have ‘RUINED’ a great thing.

Here are a few other comments listed:

I shouldn’t be forced to make a Google+ account to talk with my fellow users.

I really do not like the new amount of personal information we are forced to reveal and would like to petition to protect my anonymity.

I don’t want a stupid Google+ profile. I can’t believe Google thinks they can just force stuff on us (we don’t want) because they’re so huge.

What are your views on the Google Plus comments on YouTube?

Is this the case of simplicity vs confusion, did YouTube think by implementing G+ comments it would simplify things. One thing is for certain, it did not simplify it for those that signed the petition but rather added confusion.

Google Plus YouTube comments- simplicity vs confusion

  • King Devyn

    I think google is trying to hard to get their fail of a social network to compete with facebook, twitter, instagram, ect. Maybe if they allowed the accounts to be linked, but don’t make it a requirement for heaven’s sake! Google just isn’t happy being a search engine is it?

    • Vengador

      Especially when their social network is a Frankenstein monster that leverages most of its characteristics from other social networks…

  • MusicandGamesandstuf

    the comment section is a mess, I don’t see any reason for coming back to the site.

    I can’t wait and see which site dethrones youtube.

  • Mo86

    I don’t post videos but I do comment on them. I can’t understand this new system for anything! Sometimes you can comment, sometimes you can’t.

    What a pain!

  • alexqzed

    Good for you for apologising. Shows maturity.