Twitter share price drop estimate, betting begins

The world is always full of debates and the Twitter share price is one of them – Are you all for the Twitter IPO or are you against its actions?

The Twitter (TWTR) share price on its opening-day high of $50.09 is astonishing but a few investors are betting that shares will go below $28 a share by next year, which does indeed put it near its first estimate price of $26.

Bloomberg reports that one warrant was issue by Vontobel is only exercisable only if Twitter shares fall below $18 a share by March 21, 2014.

Anyone buying that warrant is majorly pessimistic on the microblogging service.

They report that ‘The European action is in American-style put warrants’, this gives its holders the right to the obligation to sell their shares for a certain price in a certain period. Bloomberg reports that 9 warrants by transaction volume on European exchanges were accounted for out of 10.

WSJ predicts six reasons why the Twitter stock price will be volatile – What are your views on the Twitter share price?

Twitter share price drop estimate, debate now