Poor vs Rich Prank video vs Gold Digger

Not so long ago the ‘Gold Digger Prank’ video by VitalyzdTV went viral and has had over 29-million views since October 15th, and now there is a new video by the legend called ‘Poor vs Rich Prank’.

The new ‘Poor vs Rich Prank’ video is basically another gold diggers-like creation targeting women who only choose to go with a man dependant on the car he drives.

When the ‘Golf Diggers Prank’ was put on YouTube it shows the VitalyzedTV star go up to a woman and asks her out, she says no until she see the car he drives, she gets a little upset when he tells her where to go calling her a gold digger and he drives of in his Lamborghini Gallardo spyder.

This new poor vs rich prank also targets a single woman standing on the sidewalk; this time round the nice car is a Maserati Grancabrio.

The video starts with Jerome Jarre in his normal not so cool car driving up to a woman who refuses to get in the car with him, but when Vitaly drives up to the same woman 15 minutes later in is very cool car and offers her a lift, she gets in.

Poor vs Rich Prank video vs Gold Digger pic 1

He drives about 5 feet and then says something very funny to her, leaving him with spit on his face. Just watch the video below because it is so funny.

We have added both ‘Poor vs Rich Prank’ and the ‘Gold Digger Prank’ videos below – please watch and then let us know your favorite.

Poor vs Rich Prank video vs Gold Digger