Google Plus cover design change and your views

Loving the new Google Plus cover design change, it looks simple but yet professional to look at.

The team over in the Google Plus corner have decided to grab a light bulb and stick it on their head, and since doing so have created the perfect cover re-design.

It does not matter what cover photo you choose it will automatically look great, if you look at the screenshots below you will see the cover photo takes up all of the top cover but only ¾ of it is purely on show and the other ¼ is blurred out behind the information, your profile photo and how many people in your Google+ Circles etc.

The Cover photo before the Google Plus re-design took up a lot of space and did not really look that great, not it looks professional and elegant at the same time, we love it.

We love the semi-transparent look of the cover photo behind the profile picture, on the left under the profile information you will get tiny icons as well, and these allow you to choose Hangout, email or send an email etc.

The whole cover photo re-design has been centralized and looks classy and it provides more focus. The changes have been made across the Google Plus board, and in that we me pages and personal profiles.

The pages look great but under the profile info it will have click +1 or share it – Do you like the new Google Plus cover design change?

Google Plus cover design change looks great pic 2

Google Plus cover design change looks great

  • Alyssa

    YES. Yes, I do, very much so. The huge photo was a pain to deal with.. I felt like I had to scroll through it forever.. This is fun and professional and compact and finally.

  • Brad Leibowitz

    Love the new cover photo. The larger photo took up way too much space on smaller and larger screen resolutions. It made no sense to have half of the photo above the starting scroll position on a Google + Page. It felt like someone had made a mistake at the Google + team with the cover photo.

    I am happy with the chance. What is the new dimensions by the way? Does anyone know?

    – Brad

    • Saurabh Sharma

      2120×1192 :)

  • Carmen Sisson

    I like the new cover photo — it always was weird being so big. But I don’t like all the wasted space on the “Posts” and “About” pages. With the gray background, it just looks drab and dull. Maybe this is because I’m viewing it on a laptop? Is it supposed to be single column?

  • Wilson Zhu

    So much better. The dimensions for the old cover was a bit too much…