Richie Incognito twitter photo by Jonathan Martin: Warning

Seems to be all heating up at the moment when it comes to Richie Incognito and Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin, so much so a week earlier Martin apparently sent Incognito a text message that has surfaced on Twitter as a picture. The Twitter photo below does contain a swear word, viewers discretion.

Martin apparently left the Dolphins after the bullying scandal on October 28th to receive treatment for emotional distress, Incognito had an interview with Jay Glazer of FOX to talk about the racial slurs on Martin.

Even though Incognito was voted dirtiest player in a poll he said that he is now racist at all, in the interview Incognito said no one knows how he and John communicates with each other. Incognito was suspended on November 2 for ‘unspecified misconduct related to alleged mistreatment of Martin’.

A week before all this racial news went about Jonathan Martin apparently sent Incognito a text message that read, “I will murder your whole effing family.” Incognito said, “Now, did I think Jonathan Martin was going to murder my family? Not one bit. I knew it was coming from a brother. I knew it was coming from a friend. I knew it was coming from a teammate.”

You can see the text message in the Twitter photo below courtesy of David Cornwell who is Martin’s attorney – We will let OSM readers decide this one!

What are your views on the Incognito and Martin bullying scandal?

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Richie Incognito twitter message by Jonathan Martin