Google Plus YouTube comments upset many users

Google has decided it was time to have a change, and this time round it is the YouTube commenting system that has had a refresh. It is all about personalizing the video site, and for many users this has not gone done too well and leaving them somewhat upset.

So far on the petition titled “Google: Change the YouTube comment section back to its original form” 91,453 supporters have signed the petition and it only needs another 58,547 – even though we all know that this petition will not change the minds of Google or YouTube’s decision.

Even the petitions comments are very interesting to read, a few comments stuck out for us like “I don’t want YouTube to turn into another generic social site. And no, nobody wants to use Google+” There was even a song with the lines ‘F*** you Google+’, which is a little strong.

I personally use Google Plus and see nothing wrong with the system, but in a way no one likes change and YouTube users were used to what they knew. Some are saying why should they have to sign-up to Google Plus just to comment.

The new Google Plus YouTube comments works for some and for other it is not for them, the comments before that were posted on YouTube were sometimes a little rich in content (Bad Taste) and in some cases Google had to act upon this to take charge. Some are complaining that since the new YouTube commenting system went live only hours after users could not reply to old comments.

The complaints are coming in fast since the new Google Plus YouTube comments systems went live, some are saying why should Google control us, and WHY should they invade our social lives? These are some of the questions popping up online.

What do you think of the new Google Plus YouTube comments?

Google Plus YouTube comments upset many users

  • a guest

    So, let me get this straight. You manage to reduce the fact that 91,453 people thinking that Google’s comment system is so severely broken that they, at a demonstrable risk of being removed from the system they care about so much they bothered to invest the time, signed an online petition; to… well, nobody likes change!

    You’re trivializing an awful lot of people’s opinions.

    I think you owe 91,453 people an apology.

  • Felix Ray

    I like the comments themselves, but i find the Google plus TOS unacceptable, and so I’ve decided to migrate away from Google entirely. Been archiving eight years of Gmail all day.