Facebook Like, Share button design refreshes

Facebook is always trying to bring something new to the table, and even though update is nothing major it does provide a new look for many websites.

Say hello to the new Facebook Like, Share button design refreshes, these have been redesigned and you can see them on sites such as Phones Review, Huffington Post, Hotels.com etc, a new shade of blue design is now being rolled out slowly.

The Facebook Like button was made public in 2010 with the Share button; these are now hit over 22-million times a day with over 7.5 million websites displaying them.

new facebook like button

People love to share content on social networks and Facebook is applying its new Like and Share buttons to websites so that they stand out more. Likes and Shares are rising on a daily basis so it makes sense to give the buttons a design refresh now and then.

Do not worry if you are still seeing the old buttons, the new ones will automatically be upgraded in time within the roll out process.

Do you like the new Facebook Like and Share buttons?

Facebook Like, Share button design refreshes