Twitter IPO price share, watch NYSE under TWTR

Some may say that Twitter has done the right thing, and some are not agreeing at all when it comes to Twitter’s pricing shares at $26. All we know is that everyone will be watching NYSE today for its initial public offering (Twitter IPO) of stock.

The company set a new price of $26 U.S, which is a big difference from the first thought $17 to $20, then news reported new prices of between $23 and $25 a share, so for the share price to be at $26 this could be the case of “Have they done the right thing?”

Twitter is now a publicly traded company, welcome to Twitter IPO. All eyes, ears body and souls will be on the New York Stock Exchange today. Twitter’s IPO will trade under the symbol TWTR with shares priced at $26 like we said above.

Shares of Facebook have risen hitting a 52-week low of $19.21 last year, but doubling this year. Now everything is pointing to Twitter and how well its IPO will do. Warrants sold by German broker Lang & Schwarz AG suggest a price for the shares of $36.50 in seven months’ time, according to a report by Bloomberg.

We will bring you more news as soon as we know more, stay with us. Read more about IPO prices here and how they look promising.

Twitter IPO price share, watch NYSE under TWTR