Twitter challenges LinkedIn for job advertising

If you have only offered LinkedIn profile development for clients, or posted job advertisement, you may want to rethink your plans and start to consider Twitter.

LinkedIn as we all know is one of the largest social networks for professionals who wish to look for jobs, they are also the recruitment networking kings, but Twitter is challenging LinkedIn.

The job ads posted on Twitter have risen immensely, and recruiting company Gozaik has found that there have been a staggering 500,000 job postings posted on Twitter a month, yes half-a-million in a month.

The number above equates to job postings for sales positions with 25% of the tweets, this means sales is the most popular at the moment. IT (Information Technology) and other Tech jobs came in second, medical/dental listings took 15% of the tweets.

VentureBeat spoke to Gozaik’s co-founder; Joe Budzienski said that this growth rate would make Twitter the “dominant channel” for talent recruitment.

500,000 job postings a month on Twitter could turn to 2 million a month soon enough, and if this happens people will be able to search for jobs more effectively and not solely relying on LinkedIn.

One comment over on VentureBeat said, “Quality, not quantity, wins the day. Twitter is full of semi-literate job ads posted scattergun style in the hope that someone might pick up on them. The right message and proper targeting reap better rewards than just shoving it out there and praying.’

Do you use LinkedIn or Twitter to look for jobs or add job postings?

Twitter challenges LinkedIn for job advertising