Call of Duty Ghosts gamers react on Twitter

The new Call of Duty Ghosts game is taking the world by storm, and gamers from all over are taking to social media networks such as Twitter to share their reactions about the CoD Ghosts game.

CoD Ghosts gameplay videos are already hitting YouTube, and many players are tweeting how they feel about the game by leaving their honest opinions.

We believe that Ghosts will be the best selling game in the Call of Duty franchise, but can Call of Duty Ghosts challenge GTA V this year? Read more about lifetime sales here between GTA and CoD games.

When CoD Ghosts was released the other night shelves emptied rather quickly, and soon as the buyers got home the gaming commenced. Before we look at the Call of Duty Ghosts Twitter reactions please do answer this question – Do you play CoD Ghosts online multiplayer or do you play campaign mode first?

What do CoD Ghosts Fans on Twitter think?
If you take a look here #CODGhosts many reactions are being tweeted about the new game, one Twitter user tweeted, “Ghosts has really shocked me so far, I am not a Call Of Duty guy but wow.” Below you will see more tweets of what they think about Call of Duty Ghosts.

Just for fun we have also added the official Call of Duty: Ghosts live action trailer below, which was directed by James Mangold and features Megan Fox.

Please take a look at more tweets below:

Call of Duty Ghosts gamers react on Twitter