Scary hangman prank video too realistic

Halloween this year was absolutely fantastic, everyone dressing up and parties all over the world went ahead. Sometimes people have to take it that one step to far, and the scary hangman prank video we have for you below is just too realistic.

The video below is disturbing to say the least and if I were to be in the situation those in the video were I think I would have had a heart attack.

The video shows a man hanging from a noose at random spots near Ohio State University; you will see a man hanging from a tree, bridge and many other places. The Halloween scary hangman prank was performed by Roman Atwood and Dennis Roadys, this video may be a little too much for some so watch it at your own risk.

Students see a man hanging believing that he has committed suicide and then get a shock of their lives, it looks real and many will believe it should have never been done. There are too many people in this day and age committing suicide and this prank to some might not be funny at all, even though it was just a prank.

In the video some go up to the man, some call the police, see what happens when people approach the man hanging below. In one part of the video a person in a car just drives past the man hanging and hits him with the car, even though this is a prank that driver did not know that and that in our eyes is heartless.

What would you do if you see a man hanging? Do you think this prank video has gone too far?

Scary hangman Halloween prank video too realistic