Liking faggots could gain a Facebook ban

It seems you have to be very careful when you use social networks nowadays, certain words can have different meanings all across the world and these should be used with caution.

What would your reaction be if I said, “I like faggots?” Some may take offence and others may know what you mean.

If you look up the word ‘Faggot’, its definition means – fag·got noun: faggot; plural noun: faggots, it could mean both ‘a male homosexual’ and British spelling of fagot’. However, in the UK ‘Faggots’ is also known as a meaty food.

The Faggot in the UK is referred to tasty meatballs you can buy, but because one Facebook 54-year-old user Robert Wilkes said, “I like faggots” he got banned from the networking site.

A few in USA complained about Wilkes Facebook comment because it was blatant gay-hating behaviour, The Sun reported that Wilkes was barred for 12 hours after he said ‘I like faggots’ because it was said to be “homophobic language”.

Just to put this right, it is not only Americans that use the word fagot towards a gay person, it is also used in the UK. It is a word that should not be used at all because it is seen as an offensive word, but the word faggots is also seen as a tasty meatball and the Facebook user said he used it as a food context.

If the food name ‘Faggots’ is not sold in USA we can totally understand that this would have upset a few Facebook users, but we do know that the word is used as a food product also. Seems like Facebook is a controversial place to at the moment, what with the beheading of a woman video and now certain words can get you banned from Facebook.

Facebook ban for saying I like faggots