Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2013 video and Twitter responses

Yesterday was an amazing day for those wanting to watch a phenomenon; it was when people around the world could watch the Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2013, this has also gained many Twitter responses where new photos are being added.

The last hybrid eclipse like the one that happened yesterday was last recorded back on November 20, 1854, it happened yesterday November 3rd and will be the last one until October 17, 2172.

This rare solar eclipse happens when the sun is blocked or partially blocked by the moon, the first visible sightings after search Twitter seems to be in the southern United States, it then swept to the east in the Atlantic Ocean and then in Africa.

We have seen a number of photos popping up on Twitter, and one of the best views was apparently in north Kenya and this is where tour firms arranged trips to see the sun being blocked out.

The solar eclipse 2013 was very rare, and this was an hybrid eclipse because it switched between an annular and total eclipse. Total eclipse means it totally covers the sun and an annular only happens when the moon is farthest from the Earth and does not give you the total black out of the sun, this is classed as the ‘Halo’.

When you search #solareclipse on Twitter you will see some amazing Hybrid Solar Eclipse photos, the one you can see above is in NSF neighborhood and shot by @NSF_MPS Andy Clegg!

Please do watch the video shown below by Slooh, since yesterday the video has gained over 381,000 views and is over 3 hours long, well worth watching. We also recommend OSM readers visiting ‘The Venus Transit’, you will see the whole eclipse from start to end – pure amazing.

Did you watch the Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2013?

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2013 video and Twitter responses