The Stanley Parable hilarious achievement video

The Stanley Parable is a superb game that is interactive fiction mod that has been built on the source game engine. It was first released in 2011 but was then a remake was made and released in 2013 this month for OS X and Microsoft Windows.

Below we have the ‘The Stanley Parable’ hilarious achievement video that we know you will love.

In the video the players tries to open door 427 5 times and nothing happens, then he walks down the hallway to door 437 and tries to open it 5 times and yet again nothing.

He now moves onto room 430 and when he tries to open this door five times a message pops up on the screen saying “Oh please, are you really just doing this for the achievement? Click the door 5 times, is that all that you think an achievement is worth? No no no, I can’t just give these merits away for such little effort, a measly five clicks.”

Watch the YouTube video below courtesy of PewDiePie, the video titled “MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT! – Stanley Parable – #4” has already had 1,301,047 views in just two days.

The Stanley Parable hilarious achievement video