Google Plus custom URL available again

Google Plus is now offering users a custom URL to personal accounts, as far as we can see they are not handing these out to business pages.

Google Plus URL’s were initially being offered to celebrities and brands, but now they are offering them to you, as far as business URL’s goes we have not seen any evidence of this.

My personal Google Plus URL used to be the long and boring looking, but now my custom URL is

When you go into your Google Plus you will get a message at the top of the page about custom URL’s, it was very simple indeed to set up and I didn’t even have to scroll through different names or set up a name myself. Some of you might not be so lucky depending on your name etc, you might have to create one yourself by adding numbers to it.

The new Google Plus URL looks so much cleaner, to get your Google Plus custom URL you WILL NEED a minimum of 10 followers, must contain a profile photo and your Google+ account must be at least 30 days old.

You can follow these easy steps on how to set up your Google Plus custom URL, I am obviously over the moon that my Google+ URL now looks like this –

Have you got your Google Plus Custom URL yet? In a way it is like a Google Plus URL shortener because you go from many numbers to your own name so to speak.

Google Plus custom URL available again

  • Wiggysan®

    I meet all 3 requirements but cant seem to get my URL.