Facebook relationship status predictions

Facebook relationship status predictions, that sounds scary in itself and we should be a little worried right!

There is new research suggesting that Facebook in a nutshell knows when you are going to break up, the new research carried out by Facebook and Cornell University suggests it knows who your boyfriend is even if it is not Facebook official.

It get’s even scarier because it can predict when you are about to break up, the new study consisted of 1.3 million Facebook users who listed they were in a relationship, this was called ‘A Network Analysis of Relationship Status on Facebook’.

The researchers even predicted couples based on the amount of friends they had, they could even predict by the friends you had in common.

Facebook that can predict when you are going to be dumped is a little weird in my mind, but hey if you believe in this type of research then by all means please do read the full Analysis here.

Facebook relationship status predictions