Bitstrips Facebook app now working

It seems the social network wall will be taken over and all that we see is comic strips, we are talking about the Bitstrips Facebook app.

The Facebook comic strip app was released December 2012, and even though we did not notice anything out of the ordinary Product Reviews reported that the Bitstrips online app was down for about a week, the good news is that it is all up and running again.

The Bitstrips Facebook app is now working and functioning perfectly, to prove that it is take a look at my very own Bitstrips avatar above.

PR reports that a number of improvements have been made to Bitstrips on Facebook, to improve its performance.

I am not sure if the Bitstrips Facebook app is a good or bad thing, at the moment all I see on my personal Facebook wall is these comic strips. The creators believe it is a great way of expressing yourself and a great way of interacting with friends; some of them I have to admit are very funny.

I just believe this is going to be one of those things that go viral at first and then starts to fade out after people get bored of seeing them. Try out the Bitstrips Facebook app right now here.

Do you like the Bitstrips Facebook app?

Bitstrips Facebook app now working