Government Gmail, Yahoo email official use facing ban

Since the former technical contractor for National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Edward Snowden leaked the supposed details of a top-secret US mass surveillance programme, things seem to be tightening up when it comes to security.

The above worried a few countries and they started to analyse the safety of their official Internet-supported communication networks, now there is a major worry about cyber prying and because of this worry the government may ban the likes of Gmail and Yahoo email services for official communications by the end of this year.

This move is to protect the government’s sensitive data that they carry, and if banning official use of emails then so be it. A press release reports that the E-mail policy of the government of India is near enough ready and views are being taken on board by other ministries on this matter, the hope is to make this all happen by mid or end-December.

The policy is being put into place to protect the huge amount of critical data the government holds, this means the likes of Gmail, Yahoo and even Hotmail emails etc and the ban process will be looked into.

Please do read the full press release hereDo you think the government should ban the use of Gmail and Yahoo for official use?

Government Gmail, Yahoo email official use facing ban