Google Plus team holding live stream today

A morning with Google+, The Google Plus team are holding a special live stream broadcast today to share a few updates.

The Google Plus team are the ones holding the public hangout event, and it is RSVP only and this one is going to be great, especially if they bring us new updates worth waiting for.

So far 23,787 are going to be attending the live online broadcast, 3,881 said maybe and 9,663 have not yet responded – obviously these numbers are climbing very fast. Please do let us know if you will be joining the – A Morning with Google+?

The event kicks off at 16:30pm UK time (9:30AM PST), the Google Plus live streaming event will cover a few updates. Hopefully they have something special to do with Hangouts adding texting integration somehow, hoping that there will be a few new Google Plus features being added that we know nothing about.

Just over an hour to go and you can join the ‘A Morning with Google+’ live broadcast, if you wish to attend please do so right here.

What are you hoping to hear from the Google Plus live hangout today? Get your guessing hats on now!

Google Plus team holding live stream today