Google Plus active users growth vs Facebook

Earlier on we reported that the Google Plus live broadcast stream was happening today at 4:30pm and indeed it did. In this news piece we want to let you know about the Google Plus active users and how it compares to the likes of Facebook.

Google’s social network G+ now has a staggering 540 million 30-day monthly active users, which is up a lot from May’s figure of 390 million.

The head of social at Google Mr. Vic Gundotra said that Google Plus that there are now 300 million users that visit the Google+ “social stream” every month directly, which is up from 190 million.

Google Plus is growing at a fast rate, so much so that Google Plus users are uploaded a massive 1.5 billion photos per week to the social site. Google have also announced a few new features today, which we will be reporting shortly once we have more details.

When it comes to Google Plus vs Facebook and active users G+ has a lot of catching up to do still, they cannot keep up with Facebook but growth for G+ is definitely rising fast. FB now has a staggering 1 billion monthly active users and Twitter has 230 million.

Out of all the social networks I do prefer Google Plus, its cleaner, easier to use and to be fair more professional. I already have 38,624 people in my Google+ Circles (This is my personal G+); you can join OSM G+ here.

Do you use Google Plus? if you do why not add me and OSM above.

Google Plus active users growth vs Facebook

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