Goldman Sachs Twitter IPO prices looks promising

All the banks involved in the Twitter initial public offering will not cash in as much as Goldman Sachs, it looks like they will collect a nice sum of $US20 million in fees.

Goldman Sachs Twitter IPO prices looks promising, and WSJ were told that Goldman Sachs would earn 38.5% of the fees. This figure is more than twice any other bank is getting if share prices stay as they are.

The Twitter IPO price per share was set at $17 to $20 US, this is great if underwriters sell the max amount of these shares. Other banks have said to only be getting around $10 million only if the deal is for $1.6 billion.

WSJ reports that Morgan Stanley will receive 18% of the fees, which adds up to a healthy $9.4 million, 15% for J.P. Morgan Chase and both Deutsche Bank and America Merrill Lynch will get around 8% each.

It has been said that Twitter is paying the lowest percentage fee and known as a gross spread – of any technology IPO since Facebook paid 1.1% of its $16 billion offering last year to the banks.

What are your views on the Twitter IPO?

Goldman Sachs Twitter IPO prices looks promising