LinkedIn small business marketing via infographic

A new infographic shows that 59% of LinkedIn members who have worked for a small business do not include more than 200 employees; this is a great LinkedIn small business marketing idea via an infographic in our eyes.

This LinkedIn small business infographic goes into detail after LinkedIn decided to host 100 local small businesses in its New York and Mountain View offices. Their main goal was to learn all about the small businesses challenges and business goals.

LinkedIn were inspired by small businesses and its entrepreneurs and owners who attended, they were so happy that they produced a snapshot of what small business looks like on LinkedIn – welcome to the new infographic.

The top countries for small business growth was very interesting, in first place were Turkey then followed in number two by Columbia, the top five also included Russia, Czech Republic and Spain.

LinkedIn will be starting its 30 days of Small Business on Twitter at @LinkedInSMB. You can also check out their blog posts here. Promoting LinkedIn over on Twitter, advertising one social network on another seems like a good plan – please do take a look at the infographic below, thanks.

LinkedIn small business marketing via infographic