Google Plus saved searches removal debate

We are all hoping that Google has something special up its sleeve after they remove the “Save this search” option in Google Plus.

Google Plus saved searches removal is causing a debate online and OSM would love to hear from you, Google did say “Browser bookmarks replace the earlier – You can access any existing saved searches from the Home > More menu until 15 November 2013.

In a nutshell the Google Plus saved searches are going away next month, some say that these searches are highly useful for entering favoured streams on Google Plus in a single click, no one understands WHY Google is removing this feature on November 15.

You can visit this Google+ ‘Learn More Page’; it comes with a few details on how to carry on saving searches in a different way. This new way is not as straightforward as “Save this search” but hey at least its something.

Google Plus Daily has said something very interesting indeed and we hope they are right, the said that Google could have a little trick up its sleeve with a brand new feature that replaces the Google Plus “Save this search” – The countdown begins now.

Do you use Google Plus saved searches, how do you feel about the removal?

Google Plus save this search removal debate

  • Jason Telford

    I have tried the bookmark method and it does work, sort of. By that I mean, when you save the bookmark, it does sync between your desktop browser and your phone/table browser, but the bookmark only opens in the browser and does not automatically open the Google+ app.

    Even if it did automatically open the Google+ app, having to open chrome in order to access the bookmark for your search, only then to be redirected to the Google+ app is ridiculous.

    Using bookmarks means one of two things!

    1: You can only access the mobile version of Google+, which has a poorer layout then the actually Google+ app for mobile devices
    2: Assuming Chrome would open the Google+ app, you would then have two apps open which would take up twice the power, draining your battery faster than if only the Google+ app was open.

    In short, I am not very happen with Google for removing the saved search capability