Colleen Ritzer teacher tribute on Facebook, Twitter

Thousands of people are using Facebook and Twitter to share how they feel about Colleen Ritzer after she was killed after being stabbed by a 14-year-old suspect called Philip Chism.

Colleen Ritzer was a young 24-year-old maths teacher at Danvers High School, Fourteen-year-old Philip Chism is being tried as an adult was charged with murder for killing the schoolteacher after her body was found in the woods near the school she worked in.

Chism’s lawyer did release a statement, this was on behalf of the boys mother called Diana Chism on October 22, 2013, the statement can be read over on the Boston Globe, it has been said that Ms. Chism’s is heartbroken for the Ritzer family and the loss of their daughter and sister Colleen Ritzer.

Those that live in the north-eastern Massachusetts town of Danvers are devastated, it has been said in a few reports that Chism followed Ritzer into the schools restroom and this is where he slashed her throat with a box cutter.

Thousands are paying their respects and posting comments on how they feel about Colleen Ritzer being murdered, there is a dedicated RIP Colleen Ritzer Facebook page and you can also have your say on Colleen Ritzer twitter by visting @msritzermath.

Colleen Ritzer teacher tribute on Facebook, Twitter