Twitter stock quote price shock before IPO

Twitter will be going public within the next couple of weeks, the Twitter IPO release date has not yet been set but we are all watching this very carefully indeed.

What is very interesting is the Twitter stock quote shock for 5 outside board members before IPO, $16 million worth of stock will be going to each of the members, and Twitter is not even part of their day jobs either.

The new compensation plan was added to Twitter’s latest S-1, but on Tuesday changes were made, which now includes information on a $1 billion line of credit and the financials for MoPub.

$16 million worth of stock for 5 outside board members adds up to a huge $80m, this is a huge amount considering before Facebook’s IPO and Google board members received $600,000 worth of stock.

The Twitter outside board members will be smiling all the way to the bank when Twitter finally goes public; Twitter IPO release date is expected to be in November.

Twitters board members consists of seven men and only one of them is a Twitter employee, the other 6 are non-employee directors. They will receive up to 8 million in cash as well as stock for any specified year of service on the board, or they can get up to $16 million during the year of initial service.

What are your views on the Twitter IPO?

Twitter stock quote shock before IPO