Twitter IPO price per share, 70m obtainable

The Twitter IPO official price per share has been priced at between $17 and $20; there will be 70 million shares obtainable in the initial public offering.

Twitter is now planning on raising it between $1.25 billion to $1.44 billion in the offering, if you are thinking of buying Twitter stock in the company’s IPO then all you need is between $17 and $20 per share.

Going on the figures above this puts a value on Twitter of $10.9 billion, many analysts expected Twitter to be valuated at around $15 billion seeking its IPO.

The latest reports suggests that Twitter will list its stock under the “TWTR” symbol on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), which is what we reported here. If all goes according to plan Twitter could starts its pre-IPO beginnings next week just before they offer it up in November.

The Twitter deal offering is going to be one of the biggest since Facebook’s market introduction, it will not be as big as Facebook because they have a market value of over $125 billion, but it will, make Twitter bigger than AOL if figures are all correct.

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Twitter IPO price per share, 70m obtainable