Gmail, Apple Mail relationship killed by Mavericks

Since Google Gmail users installed the new OS X 10.9 Mavericks update onto their Macs, some have noticed that their Apple Mail is not playing at all well with loading Gmail accounts.

It seems the Gmail, Apple Mail relationship has been killed by Mavericks, we all know so well that Google is not one for offering a simple IMAP carrying out process for Gmail, but Apple did get around this with a workaround.

It took a whole lot of playing around to add Gmail accounts to Apple Mail, and this had to be done without taking up too much hard drive space. Since the new OS X Mavericks was released it made things worse, TidBITS goes into great detail explaining all about the Apple Mail in Mavericks changing the Gmail equation.

The source above reports that OS X Mavericks is pushing Apple Mail to mimic a few parts of Gmail, since the update there are now syncing issues, and in some cases users have had to enable the Gmail’s All Mail in Apple Mail.

Megan Lavey-Heaton over on TUAW mentions that her relationship with Mail has been killed thanks to OS X Mavericks, she went ahead and opened Apple Mail after she installed the new mavericks update and she quotes “Gmail and Apple Mail are no longer friends” – read what she has to say about the matter here.

Are you having issues with Apple Mail, Gmail since installing the new Mavericks update?

Gmail, Apple Mail relationship killed by Mavericks