Gmail and Docs new input tool offers handwriting

We all know that Gmail and Docs have many tools to helps us along our merry day, and they also offer a wide variety of language support, but now there is a new tool that offers handwriting support.

In some cases it is not practical using a keyboard and trying to type in a foreign phrase etc this can be very hard indeed, the new handwriting input comes to Gmail and Google Docs that allows users to use their own handwriting to input the words straight into Gmail or Docs.

Users can use a trackpad or mouse to input words, just spell the word using these peripherals and away you go.

The newly launched handwriting supports over 20 languages in Google Docs and over 50 in Gmail; a pencil icon will show up if the correct input language has been selected, this means it will automatically switch from input to handwriting mode.

To enable the new input tools click on the relevant link – Gmail or Google Docs.

Have you experimented with the new handwriting input in Gmail or Docs yet?

Gmail and Docs new tool offers handwriting input