Facebook privacy policy changes teens love, parent’s hate

Last week Facebook decided to make a few changes to its privacy policy, and even though this has been relaxed a little towards teenagers we know for sure a few parents are not so happy about the changes.

The Facebook privacy policy 2013 changes are great for teenagers because it means they will be allowed to share more personal things, such as videos, photos and what they are thinking. These as we know can be shared with the general public, but this is where parents find it a little hard to take especially when it comes to their Childs safety on a social media site.

On October 16, 2013 Facebook changed its privacy policy that now allows 13 to 17 year olds to share posts to EVERYONE on the Internet, we capitalized the ‘everyone’ because this is alarming to any mother, father or guardian. Facebook is the number one choice teens seem to want to use of today; it is where more of a social interaction happens. What really needs to happen is for Facebook to have more of a security feature to prevent under-13’s being able to set-up an account.

There are millions of kids under the age of 13 signing up to Facebook; you do not have to be naïve to think they are not. Maybe mobile devices need to have better security, say a parent goes into a store and buys a phone or tablet for a child under 13, this phone should automatically refuse a child access to the internet full stop.

It was only recently a video was posted on Facebook of a woman getting beheaded, come on now, no parent wants their child seeing a someone getting their head chopped off. There is too much exposure on Facebook and even they cannot stop everything going online.

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Teens can now change their privacy options so that they can share statuses publicly, I am an adult and it took my partner to notify me I was posting publicly when I wanted to post to friends only, I did not even notice the small world icon.

Personally if you are under the age of 18 it should automatically be set to friends only, I could actually sit here all day talking about this, please do answer the question below in the comments.

Are you happy about the new Facebook privacy policy changes for teens?

Facebook privacy policy changes teens love, parent’s hate