Stuart Edge pink shirt prank gains kisses

So many times we have heard that men should not wear pink, I have actually heard men in a pub call pink ‘Man Salmon’ but hey we all have different words for pink.

It is now time for the Stuart Edge pink shirt prank, which gains him kisses from the ladies. The video provided below within the first day gained a massive 600,000 views, and since October 16 it has had over 6 million.

Stuart Edge and Calen Morelli ask a number of girls if they would kiss a guy if they were wearing pink, all we have to say is watch the video of the pink shirt test.

Not too sure if it is the magic trick of changing a T-Shirt into a pink one within mere seconds is what gets the boys the kisses, or is it indeed the pink shirt itself.

Stuart Edge and friend talk about spreading breast cancer awareness at the end of the video, we love the whole concept behind the cute kissing pink shirt prank. The girls shown in the video below are on a college campus; watch the video because this one is great.

What do you think of the Stuart Edge pink shirt prank?

Stuart Edge pink shirt prank gains kisses