New Google Chrome parental controls rollout

Google is releasing so many new products, earlier on today we reported about the new UProxy and Project Shield and now the search giants are starting its new Google Chrome parental controls rollout.

The new rollout of parental controls in Chrome web browser will be in the form of a new “Supervised Users” feature, you can now see this live in the Google beta channel. Users will be happy to know this goes hand-in-hand with Chromebook parental controls.

Testing is well underway before Google decided to release to the general public, the new Chrome parental controls feature will allow a parent to lock down the Chrome browser running on devices, this will in return allow and block all access to certain websites.

Parents can also enable SafeSearch for filtering Google search results as well; it is a great feature because users will be able to keep a history of the websites visited and much more.

It is all about limited children’s access to the Internet; Pam Greene over on the Google Chrome Blog said that she hopes this new parental control feature will encourage you to share Chromebooks with everyone in your family. Greene also reports that you can try an early version of supervised users on Chrome beta for Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

If you would like to be a part of the supervised users feature in beta then please do visit Google’s website here. Google have not yet announced the public release date, but as soon as they do we will notify you.

New Google Chrome parental controls rollout