LinkedIn outage today after Facebook link problems

LinkedIn had outage issues today, which was a few days after the Facebook link problems. It is not known how widespread this issue was but people seemed to turn to Twitter for answers.

Earlier today LinkedIn reported about the connection problems by tweeting on its official @LinkedInHelp Twitter page, the tweet below explains that the site was experiencing a few issues.

LinkedIn are normally very quick to fix issues when they occur and today they showed just that.

I have been using my personal LinkedIn and have not had any downtime or problems at all, we even visited the site called Down For Everyone Or Just Me? Where you can search if any website is down and when we checked it was all-fine.

According to a few users when they tried to login to LinkedIn they just saw a blank screen, when we checked Is It Down Right Now? It says that the last time the site was down was a week ago, and that is UP and reachable.

If you visit NBC News they have loads of tweets where people have talked about the LinkedIn outage, one tweeter said and this is very funny “Last week, Facebook was down. Today some saying LinkedIn is down. And where do we get to know all this first? Twitter.”

It is actually true, when there is a problem with Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social network we all seem to head on over to Twitter.

Have you had problems with LinkedIn today?

LinkedIn outage today after Facebook link problems